Boomer Bugle

Spring 2022


Sunset In Burnet


Trailer Trash Party

Our February rally was held at Big Chief in Burnet. We started off with some freezing rain during the night. This led to about a 1/4” of ice on the steps of our trailers. Candy and Pam both slipped the next morning. Pam sprained her ankle and Candy had multiple fractures that required surgery, pins, and a cast. Later, we had our Trailer Trash Costume Party and a 50/50 pot. Karl and Terry were crowned King and Queen of the trailer park and Robert and Pam won the 50/50 pot. Everyone donated their prize money back to the club.


King and Queen of the park


Our imaginative table decorations


What are you looking at?

Our Spring Fling was held at the Rusk KOA March 31- April 4th. Festivities included a Funny Hat Contest, bean bag baseball and movie night. We were going to watch “The Long, Long, Trailer”. We waited a long, long, time while the KOA staff tried to get their equipment working. We eventually gave up and played cards.


Funny Hat Winner


Our gang at Newman's Castle


Our Sweetheart Rally was held April 27th thru May 2nd at Coushatte Recreation Ranch in Bellville. We visited Newman's Castle, which has been a multi-year project of the owner of a local bakery. For entertainment we wanted to try something new. First we thought of musical chairs, but we quickly discarded that idea once we thought of all the injuries we would inflict. Then we thought of the card game, spoons, but thought that would take too long. So we combined them into musical spoons. The one left without a spoon is out. The women were vicious and quickly eliminated the men. Candy was the eventual winner.


Get Ready                      Going                      Going                          Gone


  We hope to see you down the road!