Texas Boomers Organization & History


The Texas Boomers RV Club
The club was established in 2000 as a regional affiliate of the internet site www.irv2.com. To navigate to the Texas Boomers Section of irv2.com, click on the following link Texas Boomers IRV2 Forum . Information about joining and navigating the irv2.com web site is available on the site.
The club is open to any and all rv'ers across the state of Texas and we'd love to have you join us at any of the many rallies we host throughout the year. We invite you to scroll through the website and read about the history of the group. We also have established and maintain a Texas Boomers Interactive Forum that we invite all to visit. Registration information can be found on the forum home page.

Becoming A Texas Boomers Member
Many RV Clubs require a membership fee and some groups require a certain type of rig, but The Texas Boomers RV Club does not. We have everything from pop-ups to motor coaches and the only membership requirement is ...... come to a Rally! We promise you'll come in as a stranger - leave as a friend looking forward to the next rally. No one has a better time and more fun than the Texas Boomers whether we're decorating our RV's for Christmas, hanging rutabagas from a tree as a prank, sitting around a warming campfire or practicing our routines for a water ballet! You'll just have to come and hear all about our variety and modes of entertainment!!!!

Members Code of Conduct
The club is a very informal organization and has no by-laws, membership guides, dress codes, etc. but we do ask that our members act responsibly at all times. Every individual action, good or bad, of the membership at our rallies reflects upon the entire club as a group. There is no restriction on alcohol consumption, but please do not drink to an excess that may result in unruly behavior. We must maintain a good rapport with all the parks we use for our rallies, in order to insure we will be invited to return. We, therefore, ask that each member act with the utmost civility when dealing with park personnel. Please deal with other members of the club with the same respect you would expect from them. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Should a pattern of misconduct, by any member, develop in any of these areas, we will have no other option but to ask that person not to return to future rallies.


State Wagon Master
Sandy Creekmore - Cypress, Texas

Assistant Wagon Masters
Don & Pat Allen - Killeen, Texas; Mike & Amber Brown - Cypress, Texas; Richard & Mary Palmer - San Antonio, Texasl; Hank & Linda DiGiavanni - San Antonio, Texas; & David & Charlotte Shodrock - St Hedgewick, Texas

Facebook Moderator
Ron Norton - Katy, Texas

Website/Forum Administrator
Don Allen - Killeen, Texas


IRV2, an Internet website for RVers, was the instigating force behind the organization of The Texas Boomers. The format encourages participants to share their favorite RVing stories, ask questions and obtain answers to common problems with their various RV's and it is a great way to get people together online who enjoy the same thing. Since it's formation, the website has become one of the foremost RVing internet websites and "boomers" from many states have formed individual RVing groups.

Cathie Jo, of Beaumont, logged onto the website and became immersed in meeting new people all across Texas. She organized The Texas Boomers RV Club and planned their first rally in the summer of 2000. Four couples gathered at Sea Rim State Park for a weekend of fun and fellowship. Following that rally, she organized another rally in Kerrville for October of 2000. Unfortunately she wasn't able to attend and her return to a writing career and other family matters prevented her from being as active in the group as she had hoped to be.

At the October 2000 rally in Kerrville, four other couples gathered for the first time. They immediately became good friends and quickly decided that Cathie Jo's goal of building an IRV2 Texas Boomer Club would not be forgotten.

Sandy and Rusty Creekmore took on the challenge of organizing the Texas Boomers and immediately began planning future rallies. In 2001, the group held six rallies and grew from four rigs to eight rigs. By the end of 2002, the Texas Boomers RV Club has grown to 32 members (couples and singles) who attend rallies whenever they can! 19 rigs pulled into our 2nd Anniversary Rally at Kerrville in October of 2002!

We have members from four corners of our great State! From the Houston area north to the Dallas/Ft Worth area west to include Big Spring/Odessa all the way down south to Del Rio and everywhere in between: San Antonio, Austin, College Station, Schertz, Boerne, Granbury, Adkins and Devine Texas!

The term "Boomer" was originally intended to encompass people of the "baby boomer" age born between 1946 - 1964 and profiled as those who are pre-retirement and empty-nested. However, such a description is NOT the case with the Texas Boomers! We have attendees who are younger (and older) and we have some whose children light up the campground whenever they are able to come! We have those who are full timers and others anxiously waiting for their turn on the open road! Most of us, though, are still working stiffs who have adopted the motto that we only go to work to earn enough money to keep our rigs rolling on the weekends!!!!

Pink Chicken

The first indication of how the beloved pink bird would soon become our motto and mascot was at our first Christmas Rally White Elephant Gift Exchange. In December 2000, four couples gathered at Galveston to celebrate the holiday season. After our rally supper, we began our gift exchange. Someone DARED to bring the tackiest thing they could bring for the gift exchange..…imagine that! Little did we know that it would be the hit of the party! We fought valiantly over that pair of birds; however they ended up in the hands of a couple who were leaving to traverse the country as fulltimers. We received many emails of their adventures and everywhere they went, the birds were photographed in fabulous, exotic places.

Three months would pass and eight couples would gather for our first Easter Rally at an RV Park on I-35 just east of San Antonio We are leaving out the name of the park for obvious reasons that will later be explained. It just so happened that a Motorhome Group was at the same park at the same time. They were of the “$500,000+ persuasion” and were every bit as snobbish as the price tags on their rigs. It was very apparent by their actions that we were certainly not in their class. All attempts to be polite to this RV group went on deaf ears and upturned noses. We’ve never been treated so badly by other campers before or since. That afternoon, a couple in our group was out walking their pet when they overheard them talking about “the trailer trash that was having a rally in the same park”. There was no doubt they were talking about us! This group was absolutely astonished that the RV Park would allow another group to share the same space with….them?

Later that night, we all gathered outside a rig and enjoyed visiting with one another. Someone brought up the term “trailer trash” and we all added our definitions of what that might be. The question “what is the tackiest thing that truly depicted trailer trash” was asked…………we all chimed in that it could be none other than having a pink flamingo in our yard!

The next morning, the RV Group left…………and left the RV Park in shambles. They allowed their pets in the swimming pool and the rally building and left residue (of the four legged kind) all over the place. Their sites were a muddy mess as they washed their rigs before leaving (which was against the park rules), but of course none of that mattered….they were of the $500,000+ persuasion you know.

Unfortunately, the Texas Boomers got blamed for it though! The rest of the day was spent on a recognizance mission - we were “cited” for everything imaginable and unimaginable by the RV Park owners.

That did it! We decided if we were going to be called “trailer trash” and be blamed for every infraction caused by the other RV Club - we would show them was true trailer trash was! The ladies headed to Garden Ridge that afternoon to buy our pink flamingoes! Thus our mascot was birthed!

Over the years, the pink flamingo has become our status symbol. We take pride in what we have regardless of the price tag attached. We work hard and make sacrifices to get our RV’s and take care of them for as long as we have them.

And they’ve become our statement as well. We are not an exclusive RV Group as many are. It doesn’t matter if you have a pop-up, a 5th wheel or a $500,000+ motorhome with all the bells and whistles. What matters is being a part of a great group of people, making new friends from across the state, enjoying a rally filled with fun and laughter and doing what we all live and love to do - get out in our rigs.

Wherever we go, our birds follow. They are proudly displayed in front of our RVs and create quite a stir with other RV’ers in the parks. The story is told far and wide and the Texas Boomers continues to grow because others see that we’re good, honest folks just like them. If that makes us “trailer trash” then we’re proud to be called that!

About Our Rallies

Annual Calendar:
We book the rallies at least 12-16 months out with RV parks that can accommodate our size group and have amenities that we need for a successful gathering: big rig sites and rally, etc. When we book a rally, we sign a binding contract with the RV Park for a specific number of sites to be held on reserve for our rally. The annual calendar is posted on the www.texasboomers.org website by November of each year to allow time to co-ordinate your schedule accordingly. We book rallies around major holidays such as Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day so those still employed can incorporate that extra day off from work to travel while a few rallies throughout the year are scheduled on a “regular” weekend.

Locations and Rally Hosts:
We typically host 9-10 rallies a year and vary the locations around the state to incorporate attendance between Ft Worth/Dallas area, the Hill Country Area and the Houston area. This enables members to attend as many as they can within a reasonable distance from their home. Members are welcome to attend any of the rallies regardless of where the location is. We completely understand that time and distance play a major part in attendance to any given rally. Rallies are hosted by various individuals or teams and have a theme according to the time of year: Valentines Rally in February and our Christmas Rally is hosted the first part of December so as not to infringe on the hectic holiday season. The hosts will develop the meals and activities for their specific rally and posts the announcement on www.irv2.com with all the necessary information for signups at least 6 weeks prior to the rally.

Rally Sign-ups:
We announce the various rallies on Texasboomers.org website and occasionally on FaceBook, but we only accept signups for the rally on www.iRV2.com – it is too complicated to keep track of signups on all three media avenues and by using one location to sign up decreases the chances of error! One or two RV parks require members to call their office and pay by credit card for the first night site fee to guarantee your name on list of reserved sites, while other RV Parks want the rally hosts to send in a listing with all the attendee information. This sign up information will always be posted on the announcement so you’ll know what to do. Either way, a listing is posted on the signup thread so the rally hosts will know who is attending to better plan for all the aspects of the rally. ….over

Rally Activities:
The announcement thread will always let you know what the specific theme is for the rally and what activities are planned: example: Leiderfest is an annual rally in October hosted by the Rally master and Assistant Rally masters. Included in the weekend activities is the Garbage Can Dinner which is prepared on site for a nominal cost per person for the meal. It is typically followed by the annual Auction where we raise needed funds for the club for the next year. The rally hall is always open during the day to play cards, games, tournaments, etc. Everyone is invited to join, but no activity is mandatory! If there is something of interest going on in the area, we will post the activities and everyone can come and go as they desire. Typically, we will have a group activity after the meals to go along with the theme of the rally: example, we’ll have a traditional Christmas dinner followed by the Christmas Gift Exchange.

Rally Meals:
The heart of a home is the kitchen and the heart of a rally is sharing our meals together! We love to decorate the tables coordinating with the theme of the rally and meals are planned and posted on a separate thread on iRV2.com explaining what the meal is and when it is planned. Sometimes we prepare a meal “on site” where the food is purchased ahead of time, prepared and served for a nominal charge to each attendee. Other times a thread is posted for a breakfast or supper where attendees sign up to provide a dish for the meal that will feed 10-12+ people. The menus are streamlined with each rally to 1) be economically proportionate for each attendee and 2) ensure that there is enough food in each category so that everyone can sample what’s on the serving table! BYOB (bring your own beverage of choice- alcohol is allowed) to each meal as well as your own table ware (plates, napkins, utensils, etc). Coffee is always served at the breakfasts with cups and condiments provided by the club. Meal Hosts and Clean Up Crews Schedules and “job descriptions” for the meal hosts and clean up crews are posted in a separate thread on iRV2.com and private emailed ahead of the rally as well as printed and posted in the rally hall for each rally. The rallies are “events” that require a lot of prep work and “Many hands make light work”. The number of attendees for any given rally is divided by the number of meals held during the course of the rally and assigned to a crew and meal. With this plan in place, each crew spends less than ½ hour helping with the necessary chores during the course of the entire weekend